Hammerhead USB to Lightning 1 Meter Braided Cable - Space Gray/Black

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1 year, factory
Ships Monday, 11/18

Ships Monday, 11/18



MFI Licensed Charge/Sync Lightning Cable

We swear… this is the last cable you’ll have to buy.

Lose your cable again? Did somebody “borrow” it for the 4th time? Or maybe your last cable fell apart… We know the feeling, which is exactly why we’ve developed the product you’re holding now. Our braided Lightning to USB cable is the ultimate solution for all your iOS charging needs. We selected a “braided” fiber wrap for unmatched durability and total tangle freedom. Our cable is also certified though Apple’s MFi Program, which means all the hardware components meet Apple’s requirements. Also, our cables are designed to match your iOS devices, something we feel is very important in this day and age!

The Charging Cable has a unique look and feel, so the next time a friend “borrows” your cable, reclaiming will be indisputable.

• 1m / 3.2ft cable length
• MFi certified
• Braided fiber wrapped cable
• 1 Year Warranty

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Customer Review by: on March 17th, 2015

This cable is amazing. It's so much tougher than the traditional cable, so bye bye ripped lightning cords! It's still the traditional length, so theres no reason not to pop in and pick one up. Better yet, there is a color to match any Apple need: Space Gray, Silver, or even the stylish Gold!

Customer Review by: dsmith11 on April 6th, 2015

This cable appears much stronger than any others without being ugly. It has become my "goto" charging cable for my iphone and iPad. It will also be great for travel when it's difficult to be careful of cables.

Customer Review by: Jim in Bakersfield on April 5th, 2015

I like it a lot. Seems more substantial than other cables. I also like the stiffness. It stays put when I move it to a preferred position. I would like a 2 meter version, please.

Customer Review by: on March 4th, 2015

This cable is by far one of the best lightning cables I have used. I personally am a huge fan of the traditional Apple lightning cables, but when it comes down to durability, the Hammerhead Lighting Cable is much better. I personally prefer to use my Hammerhead cable in my car where the added durability really comes in handy. Also, I am a big fan of how the cable matches the color of my devices! Great Job Hammerhead!

Small Dog Review by: jwillis5 on February 17th, 2015

This cable is perfect! The threaded cord really helps prevent those "uh oh" moments! If you're mad that your Apple cables keep breaking on you then look no farther! THIS IS THE CABLE FOR YOU!