iOgrapher Mobile Media Case for iPad Air (1G) - Black


Ships Monday, 6/26

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Made for Filming, Compatible with Mics, Lens, and built in Rugged Tripod Mount.

Fits iPad Air (1G).

What About This?


The iOgrapher Mobile Media Case for iPad Air is perfect addition to your content creation on the iPad Air. With 2 handles to keep your shots steady, 3 shoe areas on top to add lights, and microphones. Add a tripod or monopod and even 37mm lenses.


  • Add 37mm lenses to the brass lens ring area
  • Add up to 3 accessories such as lights, mics and more using the shoe mounts on top
  • Mount to any standard tripod or monopod
  • Use the left and right handles for steady shots on the go!


iPad Air (1G)

Dimensions L x W x H:
12 × 1.50 × 7 inches



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