OWC Mount Pro - 2.5" Drive Sled for MacPro


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2009-2012 Apple Mac Pro

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Mount 2.5” SATA hard drives and SSDs in the 3.5” bay of your 2009-2012 Apple Mac Pro using the 2.5” Drive Sled for 2009-2012 Apple Mac Pro from OWC / Other World Computing. This drive sled is designed with powder-coated aluminum that helps to dissipate heat. Additionally, its blue color allows you to identify which bay(s) contain 2.5” drives.

To mount a drive to this sled, simply use the four included hard drive mounting screws to secure to the drive to the sled, and then insert it into an available 3.5” drive bay. This 2.5” Drive Sled aligns the SATA connection from your 2.5” drive to the back plane SATA ports on your Mac Pro. Please note that while this drive sled is compatible with 2009-2012 Mac Pro systems (MacPro4,1 / MacPro5,1), it is not compatible with Mac Pro systems released in 2006, 2007, or 2008 (MacPro 1,1 / Mac Pro 2,1 / MacPro 3,1).

Allows you to install any 2.5” hard drive or SSD into your Apple Mac Pro (2009-2012)
Powder-coated aluminum and open design
Helps maintains a cool environment by dissipating drive heat
Its blue color helps you to easily identify which bay(s) contains 2.5” form factor drives
Provides a hassle free connection between your 2.5” drive and back plane SATA ports on the Mac Pro


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