CTA Digital Universal Anti-Theft Security Grip w/ Stand for iPad & Tablets

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MFR Part #:
Part #:
1 year, factory
Ships in 1-3 Days

Ships in 1-3 Days


Keep any tablet secured with CTA Digital’s Universal Anti-Theft Security Grip Holder with Stand for Tablets. This heavy-duty metal holder adjusts diagonally to fit any iPad or tablet size with a secure grip on the corners. The holder grip can then be locked and attached to a secure object using the included cable lock and keys.

A solid metal stand offers stability and can be secured to a desk or countertop through predrilled holes for easy installation and extra security. The holder can tilt to easily adjust the viewing angle and rotate for horizontal or vertical views. With the perfect design to use any tablet as a workstation, retail display or POS system you can have convenience and security with CTA’s Universal Anti-Theft Security Grip Holder with Stand for Tablets.

Features include:

Lockable grip holder can be secured with included cable lock and keys Adjustable diagonal corner holder designed for all tablet sizes and most cases Easily adjust viewing angle or rotate for horizontal or vertical views Stable metal stand with predrilled holes for countertop installation Strong security solution for office, retail, school, commercial or personal use Heavy-duty metal grip holder for extra security


Compatible with iPad (2nd-4th generation), iPad Air, iPad Mini, Galaxy Note, Kindle Fire, Nexus, and most other tablets Adjustable holder length (diagonal): 8”-12.75” Max. Thickness: 0.47” Cable lock length: 59 inches

Package includes:

(1) Anti-Theft Security Grip Holder

(1) Metal Stand

(1) Cable Lock

(1) Set of Keys

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