AbleNet Plate Switch


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A very thin membrane switch activated with a light touch on the colored circle. Surface is sealed to prevent moisture damage. Includes five colors.

Plate switch technical specifications:

Switch Type: Mechanical Connection Type: Wired Activation Type: Pressure Activation Surface: 2-in/5.08-cm diameter Activating Force: 1.8-oz/50-g Travel Before Activation: 0.02-in/0.12-cm Feedback: Auditory click, tactile Plug Size: 1/8-in/3.5-mm mono Mounting Plate: Universal Mounting Plate


Activation Type Pressure
Activation Surface Size Medium (1.5-in to 2.5-in or 3.81-cm to 6.35-cm)
Activation Force 11-oz (300-g)
Travel Before Activation 0.02-in (0.12-cm)
Feedback Auditory, Tactile
Compatability No
Connection Type 1/8-in/3.5-mm mono plug
Number of Switch Input(s) No
Battery Type No
Mounting Plate Universal Mounting Plate
HCPCS Code E2599
Product Waranty 2-Year Limited Warranty


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