Ten One Design Blockhead Side Facing Plug for Apple Chargers


Ships Monday, 6/26

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At just over an inch thick, blockhead is the thinnest possible way to charge your MacBook.

What About This?


Ten One Design Blockhead
Side-facing plug for Apple chargers

A new look for the classic Apple charger
Blockhead snaps on to your existing Apple charger, allowing it to sit flat against the wall. Now it can fit in more places than ever.

Blockhead anatomy
Sculpted to fit your charger, Blockhead provides a strong mechanical grip and UL approved electrical connection.

Every MacBook.
Every iPad.
Blockhead can turn all of these adapters on their head. Well, not on their head, but close enough to the wall so they’re out of the way. It’s a kaleidoscope of compatibility.

Compatible with:

  • All MacBook chargers
  • 10W, 12W, and 29W iPad chargers


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