Philips Hue Bloom Accent Light

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1 year, factory
Ships Monday, 9/23

Ships Monday, 9/23


Create ambient mood lighting or highlight specific architectural features using the Philips Hue Bloom Accent Light from Philips. With 16 million colors you can create brilliant shades, dim down the intensity, and blend soft color tones for smooth lighting effects. Furthermore, when you use a third-party app to sync the accent light with your movies or music, the changing color shades will accompany the beat of your music or the scenes of your movies for an immersive experience. The Bloom Accent features plug-and-play technology, and it can be placed anywhere there is a standard power socket.
When paired with the Philips Hue Bridge, the accent light can be managed using an iOS or Android mobile application. The application provides scheduling options and remote control, enabling you to make it seem like you are home when you are not. You can set the light to turn on/off at a preset time, set different rooms to turn on/off at different times, and set the light to gradually turn off at night. Integrate the Hue Bloom into your Philips Hue system for home automation options, such as switches, timers, alarms, and notifications.

Ambient Lighting
The Hue Bloom is designed to create indirect ambient lighting, or it can be used to highlight specific furniture or architectural features.

Because the Hue Bloom uses a standard plug for power, you can easily move the light and place it anywhere there is a power socket.

Paint With Light
Choose from 16 million colors for brilliant shades, or dim down the intensity and blend soft color tones for various light effects.

Sync Lights With Movies and Music
Download third party apps to integrate the Hue Bloom with your home theater, music, or gaming experience for an immersive atmosphere.

When paired with the Philips Hue Bridge, you can control your lights remotely from anywhere in the world using the Philips Hue application on your mobile device.

Home Automation
Use the scheduling function on the mobile app to program the Hue Bloom to turn on/off at a preset time. Different rooms can be set for different times.

Comfort Dimming
Experience smooth dimming so that the lights are never too bright or too dark.

Smart Control
Connect the Hue Bloom to the Philips Hue Bridge and add switches, timers, notifications, and alarms to your system.

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