SafeWare AppleCare+ Wrapper Program

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MFR Part #:
Part #:
3 year, factory
Ships Thursday, 12/14

Ships Thursday, 12/14


Applecare+ add on for additional coverage

Want to get more out of your Applecare+ coverage? Add on Safeware’s Wrapper program when you purchase your new Apple device with Applecare+! For as long as your device has active Applecare+, this add-on covers the following:

  • Service Fees Charged by Apple ($99.00 and $299.00 per incident)
  • Accidental Damage Incidents Beyond Apple’s 2 Claim Limit
  • Claims Apple Deems as Catastrophic Device Damage
    … which means no deductibles at time of service event!

This wrapper comes in the same term as AppleCare+ and ensures you do not have out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a claim.

What is the Limit of Liability?
The limit of liability is equal to the price of the product at the time of purchase.
Example: Joe buys a 3 year plan along with a laptop at the price of $1,349. He is covered up to $1,349 for 3 years – whichever comes first.

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