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Classes, Lessons & Seminars

In-Store Classes

Join us in our Rutland, VT location for free classes every Friday at 2pm. Currently, we offer iPad Basics, Mac Basics, and a Mountain Lion Overview. And join us once a month at our South Burlington retail location, note due to limited space the South Burlington location requires a RSVP.

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One-on-One Lessons

Have a specific question about something else? In addition to our course offerings, we also offer up to a half-hour in-store one-on-one lesson with a Certified Apple Product Professional for $39.99. This is perfect if you just have that one pesky issue to resolve.

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Looking to learn in a group setting? Small Dog Electronics occassionally holds group seminars that cover diverse topics related to all things Mac and tech. Come on down and listen in and maybe you'll learn something you didn't know before.

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Consulting & Training

Dr. Small Dog

Need some help connecting that printer you just bought? Maybe there's an issue getting all of your devices going on your home network. Whatever the problem, we make house to keep your life simple.

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Business Consulting

Is your business in need of some hands-on tech assistance? No problem -- we offer onsite & remote support to fully assist your small, medium, or large business.

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Business Solutions

Sales & Consulting

Our Business Solutions Team has the expertise, products and services to support your technology needs -- regardless of platform -- from system analyses, sales and implementation to training, tech support and repair.

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Local & Mail-in Repair

For over a decade, the Apple-Authorized service department at Small Dog Electronics has been repairing Macs both in and out of warranty. Our highly skilled, award-winning team gets your repair done in an industry-leading three to five business days.

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Rentals & Loaners

Keep the inconvenience of having your computer repaired to a minimum through our Rental Program. Whether you need a laptop for a day or a Mac Pro for a month, Small Dog Electronics can meet your technology rental needs.

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