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Recommended Student Apple Laptop Program offered by Small Dog Electronics


C2 and Small Dog in partnership with Saint Michael's College, look forward to serving your computer needs. Join the Saint Michael's College Laptop program so you can concentrate on your studies.

Learn more about the four year program and warranty coverage here: http://www.smalldog.com/coverage

Why back-up your data? Find out more here: http://www.smalldog.com/featuredbackupdrives

Looking for a Mac for home? Visit the SMC Family and Friends site: http://smc.smalldog.com/enter

Featured Apple Laptops

Custom configurations available. For a quote please email desired specifications to Email team

What does AppleCare cover?

Up to 3 years coverage of manufacturer defects.

Up to 3 years of phone support.

What does Safeware cover?

AppleCare covers manufacturer defects and phone support, but it does not cover accidental damage. Safeware covers your computer from life's unexpected mishaps.

4 Years of coverage.

Accidental damage

Cracked Screens

Liquid spills

One-time replacement of computer

Mechanical or electrical failure

Power surges

No deductibles or copays (up to the amount of the purchase price of the computer)

6 Months of theft coverage