Everybody loves fun, and no one more than the folks here at Small Dog Electronics! To give you a taste of what our lives are like here, we've included some links, some downloads, and other cool stuff. We will try to add to this as much as we can... that is, when were not out having fun.

Barkings, the Small Dog Blog

Keep up with the latest Mac news, tips and tricks with Barkings.

Barkings is our blog where we talk about anything and everything Apple, Small Dog, or tech-related. You'll find posts from everyone at Small Dog and if the dogs could blog, they'd be here, too!

Barkings, the Small Dog Blog


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We work hard, but we play hard too. See all that and everything in between on our Flickr photostream. Check it out, and leave us a comment or two.

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You Tube

Take a look at our TV commercials, featuring our lovable doggies in the spotlight. We'll also upload some silly stuff from time to time. Heelys, anyone?

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The latest news on happenings here at Small Dog and with our friends around Vermont and the Mac community. We tweet often, so give us a follow!

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Join our four-legged community of Dog Friends!

Every dog has a story to tell! Seldom a day goes by when there aren't five or more dogs here at Small Dog. We want your dog to be here, too, so send us a picture and brief story about your faithful pet. We'll add it to the almost 3,000 dog friends in the Small Dog circle. Thanks for sharing your friends with ours!

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