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How much is your old Mac worth?

Trade in, trade up

Use our Trade-In Calculator to get an idea of how much your Mac is worth toward a new device or machine! We also accept select iPads, iPods, and a number of other Apple peripherals for consideration.

To get started, type the name of your device into the Search box below and press Enter. You should see a list of products from which you will need to choose your specific machine or device.

Helpful tips: If you are unsure of the exact specifications of your machine or device, refer to About this Mac under the Apple menu (for Mac models) or the System app on your iPad. Please note that only devices listed here will be considered for trade-in. If you need help determining whether your device is eligible, please contact

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* Pricing is for estimate purposes only. Actual pricing will be determined upon inspection of equipment by Small Dog Electronics.

Small Dog Electronics (SDE) will provide you with a prepaid UPS ground shipping label. You are responsible for packaging the unit so that it is not damaged during shipment. SDE will inspect, test and rate the unit within 3 days of delivery. We will provide you a quote for the system. If you choose to accept the value, a credit will be created that you can use to purchase any products or services. If you decline the trade in offer then we will ship the unit back to you at your expense.